Sinus Lift Surgery

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Thinking of sinus augmentation surgery? The procedure needs the best dentist in the medical industry. So, try Robert Don Dentistry in Orange County today!

What is sinus augmentation?

A sinus lift surgery includes inserting a separate bone to the upper jaw in the molar and premolar region. The bone is added to the region between your maxillary sinuses and upper jaw enabling it to hold a tooth restoration.

Sinus upliftment has shown increasing success in dental implantations, especially in the molar and premolar area!
It is not a massive surgery but demands precision and perfection. That is why patients should go to a qualified and professional dentist such as Dr. Robert Don.

The implanted bone can be taken from the patient’s body (autogenous bone), from a cadaver (allogeneic bone) or even from cow bone (xenograft). If the doctor is extracting an autogenous bone, it is either from the patient’s mouth or his/her hip or tibia.
Sometimes, dentists use synthetic materials to stimulate bone formation.

How does the surgery work?

The dental surgeon will cut open the gum tissue surrounding your teeth to reveal the bone. Next, a small hole is made through the bone to expose the other side, where the membrane lies. Since you have lost the tooth, the membrane separating the jaw and sinus has also expanded, taking up the bone space. Therefore, the surgery will uplift the membrane and pack the space with the bone-graft material.
Robert Don Dentistry has the required tools and equipment to perform a sinus lift surgery with the utmost perfection. In fact, they are among the very few dental clinics in Irvine to offer advanced solutions to all dental issues.

Why do you need this treatment?

Many people lose their molar and premolar teeth and the alveolar process begins to remodel. This leads the membrane to collapse, occupying the bone space. The floor of the maxillary sinus also expands which further reduces the thickness of the underlying bone. Therefore, implanting teeth in that region becomes difficult.

A sinus upliftment surgery is performed to graft an extra bone into the maxillary sinus so that enough bone support is available for a dental implant.

Why choose Robert Don Dentistry for sinus augmentation?

The large, satisfied clientele stand as a testimony to their excellence and success. As a connoisseur of dental practice, they focus actively on preventive care and dental education. They take pride in running thorough checkups of patients before taking them to surgeries.
A few reasons why they can be your first choice for dental care are-

  • Strict adherence to safety standards recommended by American Dental Association (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Maintaining thorough routine checkup for patients.
  • Using latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology like CEREC.
  • Taking personalized care for each patient.
  • Maintaining a thorough routine checkup and encouraging habits that can boost a person’s dental health.

Apart from technological advancements, they also have a very convenient method of appointment booking. You can drop your details on their contact page to get a call back from their scheduling coordinator on your desired date and time.