Composite Fillings

composite fillings irvine

What are composite fillings?

A composite filling is a tooth-colored filling that can hide certain defects of the tooth and make it indistinguishable. Made from powdered glass and acrylic resin, the filling is shaded in a way that matches the existing color of the patient’s teeth. The filling restores the strength and the condition of the tooth without affecting the aestheticism. These are durable and designed to last for years if performed by qualified and professional dentists like Dr. Robert Don.

Composite fillings are ideal for the teeth that are used more often, so they are ideal for front and back teeth. Although it costs more than amalgam fillings, the natural look it provides certainly makes up for it.

Why does a person need composite filling?

A composite filling helps cover up oral defects by providing a natural look while at the same time supporting and enhancing the strength of the tooth. Composite fillings are an excellent option for people who have:

  • Cavities that need filling to hinder their progress.
  • Composite filling prevents the tooth from decaying further so that it doesn’t fall off.
  • To fill in a chipped tooth caused due to some sort of trauma.
  • To nullify the gap between two teeth.
  • To replace worn-out fillings.
  • Broken teeth that need to be filled.

The procedure for a composite filling is finished off in just a single appointment at Robert Don Dentistry. Local anesthesia is provided, and the decay is removed while the tooth is numb. The empty place is cleansed and prepared for the filling. The filling is placed into space, shaped according to the decay and then polished off to give it a natural look. This, in turn, restores the condition of your tooth and makes it functional again.

Where to find the best composite fillings dentist in Irvine, California?

If you are searching for a dentist that specializes in composite fillings, then look no further. Robert Don Dentistry offers contemporary facilities and well-equipped dentists to assist and carry out the procedure of filling. Practicing for years, they are experienced enough to handle simple to complex dental issues and provide the best possible solution.

Once you detect the defect, be it a cavity or a cracked tooth, fix an appointment with them. They will cater to your dental needs and provide sound advice, before and after the treatment as well. This, in turn, helps you take an informed decision about your tooth implant and guides you to take good care even after surgery.

Keep smiling and take good care of your teeth by visiting Dr. Robert Don Office for White filling at Irvine, California by Calling at (949) 222-0296