Irvine Dentist Robert Don Offers Same-Day CEREC Crowns

irvine dentist robert don same day cerec crown

Nothing ruins one’s confidence like an imperfect smile. Something must be done if you notice that the structure of your teeth has been damaged by decay. Usually, CEREC crowns or same-day crowns is the ideal option. This crown will not only make your trauma teeth look good again but will also make them function properly.

Robert Don, being a top-notch dentist in Irvine, CA, finds fulfillment in helping you sustain your natural teeth while making sure that your oral health is perfect. Irvine dentist Robert Don offers Same day CEREC crowns and is so good he’ll keep your smile looking gorgeous and leave you feeling great.
Get your same-day crown today. Call Irvine dentist Robert Don and be free from imperfect teeth.

What is a Same-day Crown?
Perhaps you’re not sure what same-day crowns are and would like to be educated, this section is for you. Same-day crowns are one of the most common procedures done nowadays. Generally, dental crowns are used to cover up any affected tooth to restore it to its natural shape.
However, same-day dental crowns have the unique characteristics of being quicker and less stressful to get compared to traditional crowns. The procedure lasts for an average of two hours. Meanwhile, once you get the procedure done, especially with a dentist as competent as Robert Don, you can be sure that the crowns will serve you for long.
On the other hand, the traditional process for crowns involves no less than two visits. Even so, a single appointment will take up to 1.5 hours of your time. By the time you’re done with the whole procedure, you may be feeling drained.

How does CEREC Same-Day Crowns Work?
The secret behind same-day crowns is CEREC technology and CAD/CAM software. Same day crown is a computer-aided design that allows dentists to craft a picture of a client’s tooth that is three dimensional. It even allows the dentist to create images of the surrounding teeth and offers various options for the dentist to adjust their fit.
With the help of this software, Dr. Robert Don can take a scan of your teeth. You do not have to worry about this scan being painful because it will actually be painless. He will also design and make your crown using ceramic material. The scan result and specifications are also relevant here as they will guide him while milling. After the crown is heated and made very hard, he will then install it into your mouth.

Do You Need Same-Day crowns?
One day dental crown may be just what you need if you find yourself stuck with a large cavity, especially one too big for a filling. Also, everything from cracked or missing teeth to severely worn-down teeth is a sign that a one-day crown will do you a lot of good. Meanwhile, do not forget that not everyone out there has the technology and expertise needed for creating same-day crowns. This is precisely why you should save yourself trouble and head to Dr. Robert Don dentistry clinic in Irvine for your same-day crowns. Contact Dr. Robert Don today and schedule a meeting.

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