Getting Dental Bone Grafting Done from a Right Dentist in Irvine, CA

Dental Bone Grafting

The name of the procedure itself scares many patients, and we have good news for you. The procedure is after all not that scary and with our advanced technology, we have made it even more simplified. One of the best dentists in Irvine, CA such as Dr. Robert Don adopts modern dental techniques to minimize the pain one might be experiencing during this process. This article addresses all the concerns that you might be having regarding the procedure.

What is a bone graft?
Well, all those shiny pearls you have, they depend on bones attached to them to function. These are jawbones and without them, teeth can’t exist. Generally, when a tooth is missing, dental fillings are done by a professional dentist can do the job smoothly. However, if the bone is missing your only suitable option would be dental grafts.

If a tooth extraction is done and left for a significant amount of time before fixing a dental crown, it leaves a noticeable void behind. The jawbone fills the hollow area as it erodes over time. A dental crown or implant can’t be filled in such circumstances. Bone grafting is a surgery that only a certified top dental office in Irvine, CA can perform to fix this issue.

How is dental bone grafting done?
A dental bone is obtained from a cadaver source and then inserted in the hollow created accounting for the missing bone of the patient. After a few months, the bone grows just enough in order to grow a new bone to support the implant. Dental implants are made out ideally from titanium and are used to be placed into the jawbone. After this, a few months is needed in order to accommodate the bone to heal. Finally, an implant is fixed, followed by the insertion of an artificial dental crown. Molds and x-rays are generally used to get a clear picture.

Are there any side effects from this surgery?
Unbelievable as it might seem, the side effects of the surgery are a bare minimum. Of course, the magic lies in selecting a certified professional like Dr. Robert Don to conduct the procedure smoothly. Mild discomfort in the gums is inevitable. And few people experience skin swelling in the cheeks near the site of the surgery. Bruising and a little bleeding is also observed. However, the best thing is that these side effects do not last long and are over before you know it.

Are there any procedures I should follow up afterward?
Growing a new bone through a bone graft surgery itself requires considerable care from your side. The tissues are still soft and might take up to four months to heal. This healing procedure should go hand-in-hand with the consumption of food and drink. It is best if you consume more liquid rather than solid food. Soft foods such as bananas can help in the better healing of the surgery. However, it is essential to make sure to avoid harmful drinks such as alcohol. Resorting to bare minimal sweet foods such as candies or ice creams is one of the best practices that you can adopt in order to better heal the procedure. Also, taking the recommended medications without fail and using the suggested toothpaste is always essential. With this in mind, if you are looking for bone grafting or dental implants in Irvine, CA, then Dr. Robert Don is the best dentist to consult for this process.

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